Win Shopping Vouchers and Movie Tickets in DULUX NIGERIA VALENTINE CONTEST!!!

It is the season of love and #DuluxColourCupid is here! Stand a chance to win shopping vouchers or movie tickets this Valentine season. 

Is he passionate or friendly? 
Is she sensitive or trustworthy?

All you need to do is: 
1. Upload a picture of that special person and describe them using the Colour Cupid Chart.
2. Tell us in a few words why you have selected this person and this colour.
3. Tag @duluxnigeria and use the #DuluxColourCupid. 
4. Entries with at least 50 likes will be considered valid. 
5. You must be following us to qualify.

Describe that special person using the Dulux Colour Cupid chart (see chart below) and stand a chance to win shopping vouchers or movie tickets. 

T&Cs apply. 

Cupid Colour Chart
Red – Passionate and Strong
Orange – Extroverted and Warm
Yellow – Confident and Optimistic
Green – Natural and Stable
Blue – Trustworthy and Responsible
Purple – Luxurious and Royal
Violet – Introverted and Compassionate
Pink – Sensitive and Vulnerable
Brown – Frugal and Reliable
Grey – Conservative and Practical
Black – Mysterious and Sophisticated
White – Virtuous and pure

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