#9mobilePhotoCompetition 2018

What drives you to get up in the morning and chase your dreams? 

Why are you working until 10pm on a weekend? 

Why are you at home working when you could be out with friends hanging out or partying? 

Capture these moments let’s visualize your grind. 

As nurturers of talent, the 9mobile photography competition was developed as a platform to engage and empower budding photographers using the power of digital media; online, social and mobile. Each year, a theme is created and submissions are received within a specified period. From the pool of entries received, the images will be approved by internal reviewers based on the entry criteria and passed on to the Judging panel for review to come up with a list of top 100 images and then opened to the public for voting to come up with the voters choice.

The judges will also select the top 3 images from the top 100. The image with the highest number of votes emerges as the winner for voter’s choice. And the judges come up with the shortlist and winner for the competition. Winners from the judges and public voting are rewarded with prizes. Images of the finalists are showcased during a winner’s announcement.

This year’s theme is tagged My Grind, My Hustle.

Photography has become part of our culture when it comes to creating lasting memories, and with the technological advancements, the art of capturing photos keep changing and growing. A lot of creativity has gone into the art of contemporary photography in Nigeria.

The theme seeks to celebrate and recognize individuals that work daily to make ends meet. Those who appreciate the importance of hard work and the need to be successful in life. Participants are expected to capture images of their daily hustle depicting what they do in a creative and fun way.

Charge the shutter, adjust the lens to unmask your daily grind. Through this theme, we hope to visualize and unfold the act of photography in the daily hustle of Nigerians.

Excited? Submit your picture as we search for the most creative pictures depicting the theme.


Enter for the #9mobilePhotoCompetition 2018 here http://bit.ly/2NgB60s #9jaMyHustleMyGrind

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