Bluegate UPS and Stabilizer Giveaway Continues!!!

It’s the 2nd Week of the UPS and Stabilizer Giveaway. To participate, read the criteria below carefully and remember to be creative!

When power FLUCTUATES or is INTERRUPTED many things can go wrong… opportunities can be missed.

BLUE GATE is giving away it’s UPS & Stabilizers to 2 winners with the best post each week on all social media pages. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for 1 month. 

How To participate :
1) Upload a 30 sec to 1 min Video/Meme of your story when power went out at the “wrongest time”

2) Tag your story using the hashtags:


3) Follow @bluegate_world on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook @bluegateworld for announcements and details

Criteria for the winning videos:

• Story should be Entertaining and Embarrassing.

• Fulfilment of numbers 2 and 3 above. 

Good Luck and Get CREATIVE!!!

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