Centrefresh hereby presents its TEXT & WIN PROMO. Stand a chance to win Smartphones and Airtime.
1. Buy, Unwrap and Enjoy CentreFresh & Fruits.
2. Reveal the Code Hidden Within the Wrap.
3. Send the Code by SMS to 20050 to Receive instant Airtime Top-UP.
Smartphones and 
Promo Runs from 1st to 31st December, 2019.
 Center fresh & Fruit ‘TEXT N WIN PROMOTION ’
The ‘Center fresh and Center Fruit ® Text and Win promotion is subject to these Terms and Conditions:
1. Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions, the period from 1st November, 2019 to 31st December, 2019 is the ‘promo period’; the period of a day between 12:00 am and 11:00 pm is the ‘contest time’; each 6-digit alphanumeric code printed on the back of a promotion product is a ‘participation code’; all persons, not being employees/agents/associates/promoters of Perfetti Van Melle Nigeria or of its affiliates/subsidiaries/advertising agencies/vendors. All resident within Nigeria are ‘eligible persons’ if they own a sim-card issued by a telecommunication network in Nigeria. Perfetti Van Melle Nigeria Limited is the ‘promoter’; and Interswitch Nigeria is the ‘organizer’; Center fresh® Peppermint/- mono, Center fruit® Strawberry/- mono, Center fruit® Mango/- mono and Center fruit® Banana/- mono – carrying the alphanumeric code and other promo information are the ‘promotion products’.
2. Contest
(i) The contest is a promotional event that is being undertaken on the promoter’s initiative and in collaboration with the organizer, which shall operate the same, including recharging winners’ airtime. However, the dispatch of smartphones and distribution of promotion products is not being undertaken by the organizer.
(ii) The contest is only applicable to those resident in Nigeria only.
(iii) Stock of promotion products without the promotion offer will also be available during the promotion period.
3. Participation
i. To participate in the contest, an eligible person must send a valid participation code (printed on the promotion products) by SMS to 20050, from a sim-card issued to her/him by a network in Nigeria, which must be received by the organizer during the Contest Period. Regular SMS rates shall apply. You may inquire about these rates from your service provider. Each participant mobile number+ one unique code number will be acceptable throughout the promo period. Double entry of the same code + same mobile number will not be accepted.
4. Winners, Prizes, and Announcements
ii. Out of all the participants from whom valid participation codes are received in any given day during the Promo Period and in the Contest Time, 1,100 will win N50 talk time recharge each, 500 will win N100 airtime recharge each, while 2 Smartphones worth up to N25,000 each/ will be won daily -. (This is the retail price of the smartphone on the date when these Terms and Conditions were printed, and it may differ from the retail price of the smartphone at a later date).
iii. For the purpose of selecting winners, all participants from whom valid participation codes are received during the Contest Period but outside the Contest Time will be treated as if valid participation codes have been received from them in the first hour of the Contest Time on the immediately succeeding day of the Contest Period.
iv. Winners of smartphones will be picked at random from among those mobile numbers to which smartphones have not already been awarded during the promo period; and likewise, winners of talktime will be picked at random from among those mobile numbers to which talktime has not already been awarded during one contest period (a day). Each day’s winning entries for Smartphones will be picked the same day. The organizer will endeavour to notify each winner, by an SMS to the mobile number from which the winning promo code was received. The organizer shall endeavour to send each SMS within 2 business days from the time when the winning entries were picked.
v. The organizer shall make 3 (three) attempts to contact each smartphone winner, on the number from which his/her winning entries was received. Once contacted in this manner, a smartphone winner would be required to tender (i) a copy of his/her Voter’s Card, or (ii) a copy of any other government-issued photo-ID issued to him/her, within 2 weeks, at point of handing over his/ her Smartphone.
If the winner is less than 18-years of age, then, in addition to the abovementioned documents, the following must also be submitted: (i) Voter’s Card of his/her natural/legal guardian, or (ii) copy of government-issued photo-ID of the natural/legal guardian. Once a smartphone winner has submitted legible copies of any of the abovementioned documents, and subject to the organizer successfully verifying them, the smartphone winner will be confirmed as a winner and will receive the smartphone through our representative within 30 business days.
v. Winners of N50 and N100 worth of talk time, will receive a top-up of talk time within 24hrs business hours from the time when the organizer sends them the congratulatory SMS.
vi. All additional taxes such as gift tax or any other government taxes as applicable for the gifts extended to the customers will be borne by PVM Nigeria.
vii. The promoter and organizer are at liberty to cancel the selection of any winner who does not fully cooperate with the aforesaid verification process within the stipulated timelines. Upon such cancellation, the promoter and organizer shall be at liberty to select another winner.
viii. Neither the promoter nor the organizer shall entertain any requests for the replacement of prizes, or the transfer of prizes to someone other than the winner, or for a redemption of prizes in exchange for something else.
5. Publicity
By accepting a prize under this contest, each winner consents to:
i. Participate without remuneration and at the promoter’s request in photo-ops and video shoot, as well as publication of their names as winners on Facebook, Instagram, Blogs and other social media and online platforms.
ii. The coverage and publication of such events in the media, including the newspapers, magazines, other printed material, television, radio, and the internet.
6. Disclaimers
i. Participants stand forewarned that they may receive SMSs and/or calls regarding this contest, even on numbers registered with the National Do Not Disturb registry. Persons who do not wish to receive such SMSs and calls are advised not to participate in this contest.
ii. Neither the promoter nor the organizer shall entertain any grievances or queries regarding the promotion for issues occurring on or after 1st January, 2020. Complaints and queries by winners who have not received their prize shall not be entertained more than 60 days after they receive an SMS as contemplated in clause 3(iii) of these Terms and Conditions.
iii. Neither the promoter nor the organizer makes any warranty or representation as to the condition, safety, or quality of any of the prizes. No depiction of any prize in connection with this contest, whether made on Center Fresh or Center Fruit Poster, advertisements, or otherwise, should be taken as a warranty or representation about such prize.
iv. Neither the promoter nor the organizer guarantees observance of these terms and conditions against circumstances beyond its control, including flood, fire, forces of nature, civil unrest, defects in or failures of postal or courier or electronic communication services, defects or outages in internet, network, or power connections, SPAM generated messages and other force majeure circumstances.
v. The promoter does not guarantee that these Terms and Conditions shall remain unchanged, but reserves the discretion to change them, and to defer, alter or cancel the contest, or the selection of winners, without assigning any reasons therefor.
vi. Neither the promoter nor the organizer assumes any responsibility whatsoever for changes in the network plans offered by telecommunications networks, including the discontinuation of particular recharge denominations.
vii. Neither the promoter nor the organizer assumes any responsibility whatsoever for the proper delivery of the prizes to their respective winners. The promoter or the organizer shall provide the prize on an “as-is basis” and without any warranty or guarantee concerning the quality, suitability or comfort shall not be responsible for or liable (including but not limited to the product and service liabilities) for deficiency and/ or defect of any product/service and/or the prize or for any kind of consequential damages/ loss, in any manner whatsoever. If any Participant has any grievance with respect to the prize, he/she may directly contact the manufacturer. However, the promoter and organizer will endeavour to resolve all complaints and queries made in accordance with sub-clause (ii) of this clause 6.
viii. With regards to delivery of smartphone prize to confirmed winners, the organizer shall coordinate with its respective representative in various location pan Nigeria for proof of handing over to winners such as pictures and sign off of delivery papers. The organizer shall also contact the winners through call (to be recorded for audit purposes) to confirm receipt of the smartphone.
All disputes arising out of the operation of this contest shall be adjudicated exclusively by the courts situate in Lagos.
By participating in the ‘Center fresh and Center Fruit Text and Win Smartphone & Talk time Contest’, each person accepts that she/he has read and understood these terms and conditions and is unconditionally bound by them; represents that she/he is an eligible person; waives every right that s/he may have to challenge the selection of any one or more winner(s); undertakes to honour all decisions of PVM Nigeria with regard to the contest and its interpretation, and not to challenge them, as well as to comply with all applicable laws.
The promoter shall not increase the price of the promotion products during the promotion period.

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