Chike Ukaegbu Covid 19 Initiative, Lots of Cash Prizes For Grabs.
Chike Ukaegbu Covid 19 Initiative

Chike Ukaegbu Covid 19 Initiative, Lots of Cash Prizes For Grabs.


Chike Ukaegbu is a Former Presidential Candidate, infact the youngest person ever to run for President.

Here is his initiative to help with Covid 19 Pandemic…


As the world continues to fight through this pandemic, there are many dying of hunger. I do not have much, but I’ve decided to do the little I can and would love for you to help me.

FYI – Donors have the option of remitting directly to recipients via the ‘Sendwave’ app. All we require is a pledge amount to help us know how far we can go.

To learn more, apply for CASH, or to partner with us as a donor, please visit CHI.KE. Link is in my bio.

With Nigeria locked down without a comprehensive stimulus plan by the government for its citizens, millions more than the 40 million people who were unemployed before COVID19 plus the 100 million people who live in extreme poverty are left uncertain about their next meal.

In light of this dire situation, as a former presidential candidate, I partnered with LearnFactory Foundation Nigeria, Ivery Arie: The Contemporary African Woman, and GERROUT! African Cultural Entertainment to launch the #Fight4OurLives initiative.
The #FightForOurLives initiative is inspired by the need to provide nourishment for families, financial assistance to small businesses, and to support innovation towards Afro-centric solutions to the virus.

There are 4 parts to the initiative:
1. Weekly donations of N5,000 (~$12.50 ea) to individuals and families
2. Weekly donations of N10,000 (~$25 ea) to small businesses and/or essential workers

  1. Food donations to families via local partners

  2. National competition to support Afro-centric solutions to the impact of the virus. Upto 10 Winners will receive 250K (~$600 each.) If you are interested and would love to donate, please visit CHI.KE (Link is in bio). Also share with others.

Nigeria and Africa are our collective responsibility. Your kind deed will go a long way.


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  1. Jeremiah

    I am concerned about one’s BVN that they are asking of. It’s very risky

  2. Gloria

    BVN Should be after someone has won. Be Careful and tread with Caution PLEASE

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