Featured Story: PARENTING TRICKS By Torah Banks Ozichu

Featured Story: PARENTING TRICKS By Torah Banks Ozichu


Something happened a few days ago that got me super worried, I cried the whole morning as I drove to the office, I went to work with swollen eyes, but I held myself together.

That morning, I was asking my son to finish his chores before leaving the house, next he at the door nagging, screaming and walked out on me and left for where he was headed.

My goodness, I had a break down, how could I ever experience such from a boy of just 12yrs?

Sadly,his father was away on an official duty. I didn’t want to bother him so I left my son alone

After I had cried my eyes out, I thought frankly with myself, could I have said anything to warrant my son’s harsh reaction?

I was sure I didn’t miss anything.

I arrived home, he did came to welcome me at the gate, I noticed that he was extremely cheerful and all over me, asking me “mummy how did your day go”? I just kept my cool.

He served me a glass of water and kept coming around me. Countless times he asked ” mommy how are you”?

I could feel the guilt in his voice, and how he was trying too hard to make up for his demeanor. I kept my cool, we all had dinner and I never mentioned it or even acted as though I was hurt by his actions till the next morning.

We had all woken up, had our morning devotion when I asked him to see me in my room.

I started off by telling him expressively that what his actions were not permissible in the house and will not be tolerated, at this point, his eyes was a tank full of tears . I didn’t mind that he was crying, I continued to talk.

I said, I expected better because I have taught you better, why would flare up with me when I asked you to finish up your chores before leaving the house? Was I wrong to have asked you to finish your chores, isn’t that what you had always done before leaving the house, why was yesterday different?

I didn’t tell him , I cried my eyes out on my way to the office.. I just kept saying.. that behavior is unacceptable.

I was done making my point, he understood well . Apologized profusely. Promised never display such an act . He was remorseful.

We hugged and I pulled him away from me, I asked him, why did you behave in such a manner? You have never done such and why now?

He said ” mommy I had a bad night, I didn’t sleep well, I was tired and you kept insisting that I must finish my chores before leaving the house, so I did not know how to respond, please forgive me..I will never do such again.

I accepted his apologies, I held him to myself and told him, it was normal for people to have bad nights but that is not enough reason to put the aggression on another person, next time you should have calmly told me about how you feel and perhaps I would have moved the chores till you return home or even asked you to stay back and get a good sleep.

I am sure I am not alone in this…

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    WOW! Very fantastic Story.

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