Hero Lager, My Father My Hero Giveaway Ends Soon.
Hero Lager Fathers day Giveaway #MyFatherMyHero

Hero Lager, My Father My Hero Giveaway Ends Soon.


Fathers are Heroes without capes.


Here’s a chance to show them how much you love them.
1. Share a story about the biggest act of bravery shown by your father in a video or written text.

  1. Ensure you tag @Herolager and

  2. Use the Hashtag #MyFatherMyHero to stand a chance to be among the ten winners to get a case of Hero beer and a Hero bomber jacket.

#MyFatherMyHero #HeroLager

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  1. Tochukwu Agbalu

    #MyFatherMyHero @Herolager
    Early this year On one faithful cool Sunday Evening , i was with my Dad alone inthe house, so we were watching Anambra state broadcasting service (ABs) Evening News on television. The broadcaster gave a News Headline about a robbery attack near our resident, so i was like Ahh `Thank God’ i near had such sad incident my Father hearing that ‘smiled’. After some silent he asked me who told you, i was surprise at the question i asked My Father why he asked me the question he touch me on my elbow and said Son, let me tell you a story, I was happy because i always love it the moment he shares memories with me.My Dad told me that when i was a kid, On a Wednesday morning after taking me to school, He then set out to work but around 11:45 that same day there was a robbery attack near a pharmacy opposite my school. Due to the steady release of the robbers Ammunition everyone were running helter shelter for there lives. Fortunately My Dad got the information in time and he took the risk to run to my school to pick me… On reaching my school, the school gate man fled away letting the school gate unclosed, so my Dad and some other braved and couraged parent run into the school premises and took us home. On his story he told me that later that day he got some inform that the police came and there was an open fire, some of the robbers ran inside the school and there were a lot of pupils that sustain fatal and minor injuries owing to that some died some days after… I was lost in thought as i listen to the sad memory, though i was grateful to God for giving my Father the courage to take the risk to pick me up…
    I Love you Dad..
    Long Live My #Hero
    Happy #Fathers-day

    1. HELLO TOCHUKWU, You have to go to Hero Lager on Social Media and Comment there for your entry to be valid.

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