I love my Indomie Promo 2022, Win N100,000 Instantly. N100Million Worth of Prizes for Grabs

I love my Indomie Promo 2022, Win N100,000 Instantly. N100Million Worth of Prizes for Grabs

Here’s a chance for you to show how much you love your indomie and win big💃🏽💃🏽
How to participate
💥 Buy your favourite indomie packs
💥 Collect the letters in the packs to spell I L♥️VE MY INDOMIE
💥 Take a picture of your letters and send to 08977009000
💥 Stand a chance to win N100,000 instantly
Hurry now, get your packs of indome, collect your letters and start winning 💃🏽💃🏽

What if we told you, you can be 100,000naira richer by loving your delicious Indomie!
To win in deliciousness and in your pocket, follow these easy steps
💥 Get the I LOVE MY Indomie promo packs
💥 Collect the letters in the packs including the special ❤️ to spell I L❤️VE MY INDOMIE
💥 Take a picture of your letters and send to 08077009000
💥 Stand a chance to win N100,000 instantly

Hurry now, get your packs of indome, collect your letters and win win win 💃🏽💃🏽

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  1. Promise Ukim

    i need this money for my exam

    1. helen

      What app

    2. helen


      1. Emughkuingo

        The ❤ is not thier i have search through out my area and also ask other people they said the love contains an O

        1. Anonymous

          Me too have search it
          It remain the♥️

          1. Anonymous

            Even you have loveï¼¼still you will not be contacted

        2. Taiwo David

          Is the ♥️ not O?
          Or must it be ♥️
          Can’t we just use the Letter O to complete the Love part?🤔 🤷‍♀️

        3. Ebirika dimkpa

          Please I’ve got all the letters and also I’ve sent it to the WhatsApp number.

    3. helen


      1. Munachi

        How we i started the promo

        1. Munachi

          i need the money


          Whao me to I need your help please

  2. Rita okike

    Your comment here…i need this money for my medical bills

  3. Malik

    My comment is that am able to win this I Love My Indomie Table

  4. Paulinus Emmanuella


  5. Rutholuwatoyin

    I always win everytime but I haven’t seen any money

    1. Tobi

      Are u sure hope is not scam

    2. Emughkuingo

      They haven’t given you the seriously like you complete all the I L❤VE MY INDOMIE and no money

    3. Faith Sandra otagada

      Please I need it for my house rent this is my whassup number 08106542901 I have,the latter’s

  6. Rutholuwatoyin

    I need my money transfer to this account number if it real ok

    1. helen


    2. Leke Hannah

      My letters are complete already but haven’t seen the ❤

  7. Olakunle

    Anyone with the special love sign. I would give him double the letter he or she demands. Thanks

    1. Musbau afolabi

      Yeah it is and it’s the hardest part to get. Showing the love is not for the majority.

    2. Anonymous

      Please I just need letter L and I to complete mine

  8. Sarah

    I love my indomie

    1. helen


  9. Miriam

    When will I love my indomie promo end?

    1. Lamide

      March 31st

      1. Busayo9775

        Has the promo end pls

  10. Beatrice nwanakwaugwu

    I love my indomie

  11. Anonymous

    I think this is a scam, because you didn’t give me my money,went I sent the picture

    1. Melando

      Wait did u see the love ❤️

    2. Musbau afolabi

      It baffles me to know that the so called indomitable is also subjected to tribalism as the love symbol included as part of the puzzle is readily available after l have attempted by getting several dozens of indomitable promo pack. I am a resident of osogbo and l haven’t heard of any one who won anywhere up till now.

  12. michael

    please i want to know if the love sign is composery or it just to spell love?

    1. helen

      What app

  13. Inioluwa

    It’s me that will win the I love my indomie promo

    1. Anonymous

      They are Scammers, it’s just three love ♥️sign in the whole of Nigeria I have stopped wasting my time choose another brand of noodles to avoid seeing the promo and relax😡😡😡😡 ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  14. Anonymous

    Go to the office or follow the instructions on the indomie sachet u have don’t follow this rules here they will be the ones to submit yours and eat your money

  15. Ayo

    When will this promo end

  16. Sofola

    The love design is difficult to see in a cartoon. Because I have bought so many cartoons of indomie but couldn’t find it. All what you see is a letter repeating itself 10 times. Is the love design inside the cartoon at all?

    1. Kay

      Got all the letters, remaining the last letter ‘M’
      If you have it and you reside in Lagos state, pls call me on 09020115059, let’s strike a deal 🙏😘

      1. Anonymous

        Did you get the heart

      2. Dave

        I have but at ibadan

      3. Anonymous

        How many letter M do you need? I have it many with me…

  17. Agunbiade grace

    I love my indomi

  18. Rofiat adebimpe

    I have found all the letters except the ❤️ sign and I’ve bought many cartons of indomitable why now

  19. Anonymous

    Your comment here…I love my indomie


    How do I snap to send I have the complete letters

    1. Anonymous

      Pls do you have an extra heart

  21. Horsfall Nimi

    The love design is not inside, I have all the litter’s but am not sure you guys include the love design

    1. Emma

      Lets combine and win..

  22. Precious agarawu

    Pls is the love sign inside the pack cos cant find one o huh pls stop stressing someone if it is not real hmm



  24. Treasure

    I have all the letters except from the heart sign if any one has the heart sign even though its used and likes to trade it with another letter pls watsapp me on 08165044891 help a human

  25. Daniel

    How are you supposed to send the letters since the letters are not transparent

  26. Dave

    I have letter E M Y if you need any of this letters to win, connect with me at Ibadan let us strike a deal. The promo ends in few days . 07037273322

  27. Sefa

    I Need My Money To Tranfer To This 2220637174

  28. Sefa

    I Need Money Tranfer To This Nm 2220637174

  29. Onwuchekwa

    Good day sir or ma must the heart 💜 be 💜 or just letter O

  30. Cjay

    Is it letter O or must we get the ❤️

  31. Damilola mobolaji

    Is this actually real if it is lets combine and share because im only seeing repeating itself severally

  32. Gift

    I,m fxxking tired, i,m not sure if the love sign is even in the carton sef, oh pls God don’t forsake me

  33. Gift

    Who pls has the heart sign should lend me..PLS GOD DON,T FORSAKE ME

  34. Damola

    Can you guys just reply the numerous messages concerning the ♥️ signs and stop raising people’s hope o winning.

  35. Anonymous

    I have them all and have snapped and sent them since March 21 but still no reply

  36. Joseph

    When’s the deadline for the promo…
    I just saw the promo on 19 of may
    And the letters are dark, how am I going to snap them…pls

  37. Anonymous

    Please I just need letter L and I to complete mine

    1. George

      I call the customer care they said the promo have ended

  38. Austine

    When is the promo ending

  39. mumu

    is very sweet

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