IBRANDNAIJA™ and IBN Media Production Ltd. presents – “Naija Video Hunt 2014 – BADT GUY: I am a Badt Guy!”

WATCH, LAUGH, RECORD, LIKE, SHARE & WIN WIN WIN!!!! Over N200,000 cash to be WON. Don’t dull!! “Badt Guy” – Babatunde a music video parody of “Aboki” – Ice Prince
To participate in the Contest.
1. Make a fun Video, fill form and Submit
2. Entrants must submit their video entry (“Video”) and a completed  online Entry Form (together the “Contest Entry”) to ibrandnaija before the end of the submission deadline. 
3. The Entry Form must include the Entrant’s full name, a valid mobile number and an e-mail address where s/he can be contacted by ibrandnaija. No purchase or entry fee is required.
Click the link below or the video hunt poster to watch video
Prizes will be awarded as follows:
•   First Place: US$500.00 (Five
Hundred US Dollars)
•   Second Place: US$300.00 (Five
Hundred US Dollars)
•   Third Place: US$200.00 (Five
Hundred US Dollars)
   Forth ~ Eighth place: an
audio book of any choice from Audible.com value up to US$50 (prize may not be
redeemed as cash)

Submission Start Date is on 5th May 2014 – Ends on 6th June 2014.
1. Contest Dates
The Naija Video Hunt 2014 – Badt Guy (the Contest”) begins at
12:00:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time +1 (“GMT+1”) on May 5, 2010 and
ends at 11:59:59 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time +1 (“GMT+1”)  on 23rd June 2010 (the “Contest Period). 
Voting Start Date: 5th May 2014 –  End Date: 20th June 2014
Judging Start Date: 21st June 2014 – Judging End Date: 23rd June 2014
2. Eligibility Criteria
2.1. To participate in the Contest, Entrants must submit their video
entry (“Video”) and a completed  online
Entry Form (together the “Contest Entry”) to ibrandnaija before the end of the
submission deadline. The Entry Form must include the Entrant’s full name, a
valid mobile number and an e-mail address where s/he can be contacted by
ibrandnaija. No purchase or entry fee is required.
2.2. Entrants must be:
•   Between the ages of 13 and
above as of 1st Jan, 2014;
•   Nigerian citizens, permanent
residents of Nigeria or protected persons designated by the Immigration and
Refugee Board or Citizenship and Immigration Nigeria; and
2.3. Entrants under the age of majority in their province or territory
of permanent residence must include the signed consent of the Entrant’s parent
or legal guardian.
2.4. Contest judges, ibrandnaija employees, ibrandnaija affiliates,
contractors and their immediate families, are not eligible to participate in
the Contest.
2.5. ibrandnaija reserves the right to request verification of these
eligibility criteria from the Entrant at any time.
2.6. Any incomplete or fraudulent entries will be rejected. Any Entrant
or other individual who enters or attempts to enter the Contest in a manner
contrary to the Rules and Regulations or which is otherwise disruptive to the
proper operation of the Contest or by its nature is unjust to other Entrants or
potential Entrants or for any other reason at the sole discretion of
ibrandnaija will be rejected and that Entrant or purported Entrant will be
disqualified from the Contest by ibrandnaija without notice.
3. Submission Criteria
3.1. All Videos must be:
•   At least thirty (30) seconds
long to a maximum of three (3) minutes long;
•   Video recorded and submitted
by the Entrant for the purpose of entering the Contest and not have been
previously published in any format whatsoever;
•   In MPEG, AVI, WMV or
QuickTime/MOV format, in either standard definition or high definition; and
•   In English.
3.2. Videos must demonstrate how the Entrant is a badt guy/cool
guy/correct guy/bado guy/better guy/talented guy etc as Babatunde portrayed in
the parody video “Badt guy”
3.3. Videos must only contain original works (including music, texts,
artworks, graphics, photographs, or videos) created by the Entrant, works
licensed to the Entrant or copyright-free works.
3.4. Videos must not contain any reference to or likeness of any
identifiable third parties, unless written consent has been obtained from all
such individuals (and the individual’s parent/legal guardian if they are under
the age of majority in their province or territory of residence). The original
copy of the written consent must be provided to ibrandnaija upon ibrandnaija’s
request. If the individual does not provide such consent ibrandnaija may
disqualify the Entrant from participating in the Contest and/or redeeming any
prize awarded to the Entrant.
3.5. Videos must conform with ibrandnaija’s technical requirements,
website terms of use and other policies.
3.6. Videos must not be defamatory, trade libelous, pornographic or
obscene as determined by ibrandnaija in its sole discretion and must not
contain, depict, include, discuss or involve, any combination of the following
without limitation:
•   Promotion, endorsement or
discussion of any unlawful, harmful, threatening, or abusive activity or
•   Vulgar or offensive language
and/or images;
•   Nudity, graphic or explicit
•   Hateful, derogatory or
otherwise offensive or objectionable characterizations or generalizations of
any ethnic, racial, sexual or religious groups;
•   Reference to or endorsement
by any political parties;
•   Personal information of
individuals, including names and addresses (physical or email);
•   Commercial messages,
endorsements, comparisons or solicitations for products or services (other than
ibrandnaija products or services) or for any organization or individual
providing such products or services;
•   Any identifiable third party
products and/or trade-marks, brands, logos or intellectual property; and
•   Any other content that is or
could be considered inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive, as determined by
ibrandnaija in its sole discretion.
•   The video cannot be dangerous
or unsafe to make or produce, or include activities that are dangerous, unsafe,
or present unreasonable risk of harm to person or property, or suggest or imply
to any person to undertake any dangerous, unsafe or unduly risky activity as
deemed solely by ibrandnaija •   The
video may not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations. Any
video in violation of any of the above requirements and restrictions will be deemed
void. By submitting a video in the Contest, each Entrant represents and
warrants that these requirements have been met. Failure to satisfy these
requirements, as determined in ibrandnaija ’s sole and absolute discretion, may
result in ineligibility with respect to all videos submitted by or on behalf of
ibrandnaija  may request that any such
third parties sign a waiver and release prior to the posting of the video on
the Website or the granting of any prize.
3.7. Limit six (6) video entries per registered user. Entrants may not
enter the contest with multiple email addresses or under multiple identities.
Incomplete and/or duplicate entries are not permitted and will be deemed void.
The use of any device to automate the entry process is absolutely prohibited,
and any such entries shall be void. Submission of more than six (6) videos by
or on behalf of the same registered user or use of any device or artifice to
circumvent the Official Rules will result in ineligibility with respect to all
videos submitted by or on behalf of that registered user. Only one out of the
six video submitted will be allowed to win by each entrant.
3.8. Entrants are solely responsible for ensuring that their Video is
submitted in and received in compliance with these Rules and Regulations.
3.9. All videos submitted to ibrandnaija become the property of
ibrandnaija and will not be returned to the Entrant (Entrants should keep a
4. Judging
4.1. ibrandnaija will select up to eight finalists who will be
contacted at the email address provided on their Entry Form. The eight
finalists’ will be announced on 21st June 2014.
4.2. On 7TH June 2014, a panel of three judges, including ibrandnaija’s
Commissioner and two judges selected by ibrandnaija, will select at their sole
discretion, the top three videos from the finalists based on creativity,
production, relevance and votes. The winners will be contacted at the e-mail
address provided on their Entry Form.
4.3. Contest finalists will be selected according to the following
judging criteria:
§  25% Creativity and originality
§  25% Overall quality and
appearance of videos
§  25% Relevance to contest theme
‘Badt Guy’: I am a badt (better, cool, good, correct, telented etc.) guy
§  25% The total number of user
generated Internet votes received
In the unlikely event of a tie, the video with the earliest upload time
will be deemed the winner.
4.4. Once notified by ibrandnaija, the winners must contact ibrandnaija
by email at videohunt@ibrandnaija.com within five (5) days of receiving the
notice by e-mail to acknowledge that they accept the prize and they provide
proof of identity and any other permissions or information requested by
ibrandnaija at its sole discretion. If the individual does not provide such
information or the information is not acceptable to ibrandnaija or if the
individual does not contact ibrandnaija within this timeframe, or if there is
any reason a winner cannot accept the prize as awarded, his/her entry will be
declared null and void, and ibrandnaija may choose an alternate winner from the
remaining finalists. ibrandnaija will not be held responsible for unsuccessful
attempts to notify an individual due to incorrect or incomplete contact
information provided by the individual.
4.5. The winners’ names may be announced and posted on the ibrandnaija
website or published by any other means by 23rd June, 2014. All decisions of
ibrandnaija and Contest judges with respect to the Contest are final without
right of appeal.
5. Prizes
5.1. Prizes will be awarded as follows:
•   First Place: US$500.00 (Five
Hundred US Dollars)
•   Second Place: US$300.00 (Five
Hundred US Dollars)
•   Third Place: US$200.00 (Five
Hundred US Dollars)
•   Forth ~ Eighth place: an
audio book of any choice from Audible.com value up to US$50 (prize may not be
redeemed as cash)
5.2. The chance of winning will depend on the number of qualified
entries that adhere to the Rules and Regulations. ibrandnaija reserves the
right not to award prizes for any reason.
5.3. Prizes must be accepted as awarded either in prize money or gift
and are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-redeemable for any cash value.
ibrandnaija reserves the right to make prize substitutions of equivalent
monetary value.
5.4.  Each winner will be
responsible for all costs or expenses related to transporting him/herself to
our office for prize claiming.
6. Use of Video by ibrandnaija
6.1. By submitting a Contest Entry, Entrants consent to:
•   The use of their image and
voice (if and as the Entrant is recorded in the Video) in accordance with these
Rules and Regulations;
•   License all intellectual
property rights in and to the Video to ibrandnaija; and
•   Waive all their moral rights
in and to the Video in favour of ibrandnaija.
6.2. At any time ibrandnaija may, including but without limitation,
upload, reformat, edit, translate, copy, reproduce, display, distribute,
transmit by telecommunication, and make the Videos accessible and available on
ibrandnaija’s website and ibrandnaija’s YouTube Channel or by any other means
without notice or compensation to the Entrants/finalists/winners. Videos may
also be used for future promotional purposes in connection with the Contest or
ibrandnaija’s activities, without limitation and without further notice or
compensation. ibrandnaija is under no obligation to use the Videos as provided
6.3. RIGHTS IN THE VIDEOS. All videos (including all material embodied
therein) submitted to ibrandnaija  shall
automatically become the sole and exclusive property of ibrandnaija  immediately upon submission. Once a video has
been submitted pursuant to the Contest, the Entrant may not distribute,
disseminate, sell, use, license, or post the video or any copies thereof in any
medium (including other Internet sites) without the prior express written
consent of ibrandnaija . Each Entrant, as a condition of participation in the
Contest, hereby grants ibrandnaija  the
exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to edit, adapt, modify, reproduce,
publish, distribute, and otherwise use (unless prohibited by applicable law)
the video (including all material embodied therein) in any way or in any media
now or hereafter known for trade, advertising, promotional, or other purposes
as ibrandnaija  determines, in its sole
and absolute discretion, without further notice or compensation to the Entrant
or any other third parties. Nothing herein shall be construed to require
ibrandnaija  to publish, distribute or in
any way use the video (or any of the material embodied therein) should
ibrandnaija  in its sole discretion
decline to do so.
7. Use of Personal Information
7.1. By entering the Contest and submitting a Contest Entry, Entrants
expressly consent to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of their
personal information by ibrandnaija for the purposes of administering the
Contest as well as for the other purposes expressly contemplated in these Rules
and Regulations in accordance with the federal Privacy Act. Entrants expressly
consent that ibrandnaija may use the Entrants’ personal information to
communicate with them and to announce and/or post the names and locations of
the finalists and winners on the ibrandnaija website, ibrandnaija’s YouTube
Channel, and/or by any other means in connection with the Videos.
8. Disclaimers and Exclusion of Liability
8.1. ibrandnaija, its Commissioner, employees, servants, agents,
contractors, assigns or successors assume no responsibility for Contest entries
that are lost, stolen, tampered with, late, damaged, misdirected, received
through impermissible channels, illegible or unintelligible for any reason or
for any other circumstance that may limit an individual’s ability to
participate in the Contest or otherwise affect the administration, security,
impartiality or normal course of the Contest, including without limitation any
combination of the following:
•   Inaccessibility of, technical
problems with or failure of the ibrandnaija website, YouTube channel, email,
any telephone, cable network or transmission system, servers, access providers,
computer or other equipment, or software;
•   Traffic congestion on the
•   Any virus, computer bug,
unauthorized human intervention or any other cause beyond the control of
ibrandnaija; and
•   Any human error which may
occur in the administration of the Contest or the processing or judging of
8.2. ibrandnaija, its Commissioner, employees, servants, agents,
contractors, assigns and successors will not be liable for any injury, loss or
damage of any kind caused by or resulting from an Entrant’s participation or
attempted participation in the Contest, compliance or non-compliance with these
Contest Rules and Regulations or an Entrant’s acceptance, use or misuse of any
prize awarded to the Entrant.
8.3. ibrandnaija will not be liable to any Entrant for any indirect,
special, consequential or punitive damages in connection with the Contest or
these Rules and Regulations.

9. General
9.1. ibrandnaija reserves the right to exclude from its YouTube Channel
any Contest Entry that does not comply with these Rules and Regulations or for
any reason that ibrandnaija determines in its sole discretion without notice at
any time.
9.2. ibrandnaija reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the
Contest in whole or in part at any time without notice for any reason at its
sole discretion.
 10. Miscellaneous
By participating in the Contest, each Entrant agrees to be bound by
these Official Rules and the decisions or interpretation of ibrandnaija
regarding the Official Rules, which are final and legally binding in all
respects. Non-compliance with these Official Rules shall result in
disqualification from the Contest. An individual is not a winner until he/she
has fully complied with these Official Rules. Entrants hereby waive any right
to claim ambiguity in these Official Rules.
DISCLOSURE OF WINNER: Email videohunt@ibrandnaija.com with questions.
SPONSOR: ibrandnaija / IBN Media Production Limited
ADMINISTRATOR: ibrandnaija.com, division of IBN Media Production Limited

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