Its World Book Day Today !!!
#WorldBookDay 2020

Its World Book Day Today !!!


Information is Power and you can always get Informed by Reading.

Reading a Book either Softcopy (Online) or Hardcopy is key to Success.

To all mums who have children and those who intend to have children in the future, my advise is this,

Start reading a book to your child or children every day. Most times Bedtime is always ideal as we are all busy during the day.

If you Read a book for your child every night from birth till they grow up, they will be:

  1. Super Brilliant
  2. Good at reading books
  3. No Speech delays
  4. Successful
  5. End up Inculcating the reading culture in their own Children.


Finally, Google is the book of all books. I learn from Google everyday.



Happy World Book Day!!!

Goodluck in all the Contest !!!

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