Jiji Nigeria Valentine Contest, 14 Fans to Win N18000 Each !!!

Jiji Nigeria Valentine Contest, 14 Fans to Win N18000 Each !!!


FEBRUARY 14 is coming up! It means we all have to think up how to delight our loved ones 🤔
Jiji exists to make anything real. That’s why 14 of you WILL GET N18 000 for gifts 🤩💰

Ready to take part? Read attentively about the steps you have to take. That’s an interesting quest😉


1. Go through the link ➡️ bit.ly/jiji-cash
2. C.l.i.c.k on “S.H.A.R.E” button. Right after that, we’ll create for you a Personal Contest Page👌
3. As soon as you click on “S.h.a.r.e” you are redirected to Facebook — the link you are sharing will take your friends to your Personal Contest Page 👍
4. Ask all your friends to vote for you — the more voices you have the more chances you get to win 💪

💭Personal Contest Page — a unique page that we will create for you when you c.l.i.c.k on “S.h.a.r.e”. There will be your name and the button “Vote”. Anyone who visits your contest page can vote for you and increase your chances to win🙌 You also can check there how many voices you have🤟



You must have the HIGHEST NUMBER of VOICES 🔝

#JijiFam, we all CAN DO wonders for our loved ones ✨
Make a little effort and you’ll make any dream come true — we promise 💚

#Jijiness #Jijicontest #HappyValentinesDay

Activity Runs From 03 February – 17 February 2020.

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