Dear Viewers, The Maltina Sharing Happiness
promotion is another way by which the Maltina brand is rewarding its faithful
consumers this year. The promotion is the first of its kind for the brand and
in Nigeria.  5 brand new homes will be won between April 2nd and May 25th 2012.

It will
be crown cork based. There will be two categories of winning crown
corks-‘instant winning crown corks’ and ‘alphabet code crown corks’. For the
‘instant winning crown corks’ whatever is seen under the crown cork is what the
consumer gets instantly! The prizes are shown under the crown corks and prizes
can be redeemed at any of our 1200 redemption centres located across Nigeria.
The instant prizes include
N1 million, N100, 000 cash.

The second category he
outlined is the Alphabet code combination crown corks which would win the grand
prize of a Luxury Home. It would consist of the following letters; S – M – I –
L- E. “In order to win the grand
consumer is expected to collect a combination of crown corks that spell the word

I love this home hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.   Especially the TV. hahahhahahahaha.

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