N1Million For Grabs in MTN Theatre for Schools Competition 2019!!!

Theatre for Schools is an initiative under the MTN Foundation’s (MTNF) Arts & Culture cause.

It is aimed at stimulating public interest in Nigerian Arts and Culture as well as encourage the adoption of theatre from an early age, by fostering and developing identified talents.

The pilot phase of Theatre  for Schools initiative is open to secondary schools in these states – Kaduna, Oyo and Rivers.It will be implemented in partnership with the Department of Theatre Arts in the following universities – Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, University of Ibadan and University of Port Harcourt.

How It Works

1. There will be 4 teams from each partner university (a total of 12 teams) to serve as coaches for the secondary schools. Each coaching team must comprise of the following:
*One Theatre Arts student specializing in Directing
*One Theatre Arts student specializing in Technical Theatre
*One Theatre Arts student specializing in Stage Management
*One Theatre  Arts student specializing in Costume and Makeup
2. Each team is to coach a secondary school from the state (a total of 4 secondary schools per state) that would participate in the competition
3. This means 12 schools (4 secondary schools from Kaduna, Oyo and Rivers respectively) will be paired with the 12 coaching teams from partner universities to compete amongst themselves
4. The winning secondary school and their University coaching team will represent the state/region in the finals, which takes place in Lagos
5. Note that all 12 secondary schools chosen will automatically become members of the MTNF School Theatre and benefit from subsequent phases of the initiative

The MTN Foundation invites all public and private Secondary Schools in the selected States: Kaduna, Oyo and Rivers that have drama clubs and a passion for performing arts to enter for this competition:

Interested public and private Secondary Schools located in close proximity to the Universities indicated, may apply through their functional drama club. The schools will be expected to provide the following:

*Evidence of a functional Drama Club in the school
*Proof of a dedicated space for drama practice
*An active Parents Teachers Association (PTA)
*Picture of the Drama Club
*A one-minute video skit of the Drama Club’s performance (to be uploaded on YouTube and the link to the video inserted on the application form)
The Competition

*Applications received will be screened and only shortlisted schools will be contacted (four Secondary Schools in each State will be selected)
*Shortlisted schools would participate in the competition at the State level
*State winning secondary schools will then compete in the Grand finale in Lagos, accompanied by their school drama teachers and a member of their Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

Prize per Stage

State Competition

1. First Position:
*Trophy (for the school)
*Cash prize of N100,000 (for the school’s drama club)
2. Second Position:
*Trophy (for the school)
*Cash prize of N50,000 (for the school’s drama club)
3. Third Position:
*Trophy (for the school)
*Cash prize of N25,000 (for the school’s drama club)

National Competition

1. First Position:
*Trophy (for the school)
*Cash prize of N1 Million (for the school’s drama club)
2. Second Position:
*Trophy (for the school)
*Cash prize of N500,000 (for the school’s drama club)
3. Third Position:
*Trophy (for the school)
(Cash prize of N250,000 (for the school’s drama club)

Judges Distinction Awards

1.Outstanding Actor
2.Outstanding Actress
Important Notice
  1. Please note that only short-listed Secondary Schools will be contacted and MTNF reserves the right to determine whether you have successfully fulfilled the above requirements within the stipulated timeframe
  2. By completing this form, you agree that for the pupils to participate in the competition and be able to travel, their parents must sign consent forms and submit them to your school
  3. By completing this form, you agree that your school must appoint a chaperon from the Parents Teachers Association who would accompany the students; should there be need for them to travel in the course of the competition
  4. You agree that any traveling arrangements shall be the joint private decision of the School and the parents of the pupils, to the exclusion of MTN and MTNF
  5. By completing this form, you agree that it is an express condition of your participation in the competition, that MTN and MTNF have unfettered rights to supervise all activities carried out by your school, in relation to the funds benefitted from the competition and to demand any reports necessary to enable the evaluation of your work
  6. Please note that MTN and MTN Foundation do not use placement agencies or do not charge applicants an advance fee of any kind (e.g. application fees, placement fees, test fees, etc.)
  7. It is a condition of your acceptance of this form that your school agrees to indemnify MTN and MTNF, of any claims or issues arising in connection with the application and your participation in the Competition
  8. By completing this form, you agree that MTN and MTNF can use your personal/school data, pictures and/or videos for promotional purposes and publicity without any liability for breach of data privacy or under any grounds whatsoever

Application Process

1.Click “Apply Now” to access the Form
2.Complete the form and provide the required information
3.Click ‘submit’ for your application to be captured

Closing Date is 7th April, 2018

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