N1Million For Grabs in the Global Property Brokers “Pitch Brokers Competition” 2020.
Global Property Brokers Pitch Challenge 2020

N1Million For Grabs in the Global Property Brokers “Pitch Brokers Competition” 2020.


Hello, my name is Stephen Akintayo and I’m the MD/CEO of GText Homes, and I’m super excited about the next event we are putting together call the global property Brokers conference GPB conference 2020, June 1st to 3rd of course of 2020 and It’s going to be taking place from 2 p.m. To 6 p.m.

Every day and the beautiful thing about this event for the three days were going to be streaming across all platform, is happening all over the world and you can register on Zoom.

So people can attend, what this event basically about is to train property Brokers across the world. And we are going to be having speakers from the UK to U.S, Canada, Nigeria, who are going to be sharing how to make money and the property business in this season.

And of course the top theme this year is breaking sales. Okay. breaking covid-19 property sales breaking that limits, that limitation that is there, and we’re going to be having great speakers.

I’m good news is also, we are giving out 1 million and in Grants to Brokers across the world who will pitch, we call it the pitch Brokers competition.


  1. All you need to do is to do a one-minute video to pitch why I should buy a plot of land in this covid, post covid-19. Okay. Why? I should buy a plot of land post covid-19 is the thing
  2. Use the hashtag #GPBConference and tag me @stephenakintayo on Instagram also tag @gtexthomes on Instagram. Okay.


So, it’s a one-mintue video you do on Instagram and 3 people stand a chance to win 1 Million Naira So

First winner wins 500,000

Second winner 300,000 and

Third winner wins 200,000,

what do we expect you to do with this money?

We will work with you to be able to do adverts to be able to make sales with this money.

And the goal for the three of you is to also give a mentorship worth $5,000 in the art of selling and of course next year, So it’s a two-year mentorship, I would personally be mentoring you the art of becoming a property developer.

And the goal is that this year, you must do minimum 100 Million naira in sales. Okay, so this amazing opportunity, do the one with the video. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GPBConference and tag @stephenakintayo and @gtexthomes on Instagram and the event

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