Opera News Hub, “Christmas Shopping Bonus Contest”, Win N100K.

Opera News Hub, “Christmas Shopping Bonus Contest”, Win N100K.

Christmas Shopping Bonus Contest

Publish Articles about Best and Worst City in Nigeria and Win Cash!!!


  1. Register on Opera News Hub and join the “Christmas Shopping Bonus Contest “. A huge cash bonus is waiting for you !
  2. Click this URL to register:https://hub.opera.com/
  3. Publish an article about “THE BEST AND WORST CITY TO LIVE IN NIGERIA” on Opera News Hub and add “Best and Worst City” tag at the bottom of the article.
  4. As long as you have registered an Opera News Hub account and you submit an entry into the contest, you have the opportunity to win bonus!
  5. Non-contracted creators will also get an opportunity to sign up with platform, and get huge fees every month.


The Best and Worst City to Live in Nigeria

Description: In your opinion, which cities are the best and worst in Nigeria? Criteria for selection can include economic opportunities, security, infrastructure, beauty & aesthetics. You can share your unique experiences as well as your recommendations on how to improve your selected cities.

NOTICE: Please make sure you add right tag as mentioned above, otherwise you will miss the big prize!

Content requirements

  1. Article should have rich content and clear logic. Language should be smooth and provide sufficient information.

  2. The content must be original, not previously published in other media or websites.

  3. Your article should be related to the topic. It should have the characteristics of “strong engagement”, “unique writing perspective” and “attractive titles and content”. Data accumulation or inventory is not accepted.

  4. Entries must not contain commercial promotion information, pornographic, vulgar, violent and other illegal content. Once found, they will be disqualified.

  5. Any form of plagiarism, washing and fabrication of facts is strictly prohibited. Once found, it will be disqualified.


First prize: 1 writer, ₦ 100,000 per person

Second prize: 5 writers, ₦ 50,000 per person

Third prize: 20 writers, ₦ 20,000 per person

If you are already signed writer on Opera News Hub, the winning article will also enjoy the fees mentioned in the contract.

If you are not signed creator, you can participate in the activity and win the reward. You will also get the opportunity to sign a contract with the platform! act with the platform!

Selection rules

The platform will select the winning creators based on the content quality, originality, reading volume, and interaction volume (including likes, comments, and sharing).


Entries Run From November 23rd, 2019 to December 6, 2019.

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