Pears Variety Challenge!!! End of Year Giveaway.

Moms, it’s a new month and we come bearing gifts! 
Gather around for the #PearsVarietyChallenge:

1. Buy Any Pears Product
2. Input the batch number of any of the Pears product you bought here
3. Share a picture of 3 Pears baby products in your home.
4. Tell us 2 benefits you enjoy from them.
5. Invite your friends to like your entry

Every week, we’ll reward the Pears lovers with the highest likes. T&C Apply!

1. Pears Baby Car Seats
2. Pears Baby High Chairs

3. Pears Baby Dinner Chairs
4. Pears Baby Car Bibs
5. Pears Baby Car Body Suits
6. Pears Baby Socks

The activity starts by 2nd November, 2018 and ends December 30th, 2018. Just a single entry is permitted.

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