#PowerOilFathersDay #DadsCanCook Challenge.

#PowerOilFathersDay #DadsCanCook Challenge.

Calling all Dads! 🎉

Join us for an exciting event happening at ICM (Ikeja city mall) this weekend! Saturday, June 17th
Come participate in this fun Challenge, sponsored by Power Oil🍳💨

Are you a Dad with a knack for healthy competition?
Speed shopping and cooking up delicious meals is the game for the day.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience where you’ll put your skills to the test.

Here’s how it works:

1️⃣ Speed Shop: Race against the clock as you navigate the aisles of our favorite mall stores to gather ingredients for your culinary masterpiece! ⏱️🛍️
•You have 5 mins

2️⃣ Cook Meals: Once you’ve conquered the shopping challenge, head to the cooking area where you’ll whip up mouthwatering dishes using the ingredients you’ve just purchased! 🍲🔪
• You have 35 mins

3️⃣ Show off your Skills: Showcase your culinary creations to our esteemed panel of judges, who will determine the winners based on taste, presentation, and creativity! 🏆🍽️

By participating, you’ll not only get to indulge in speed shopping and cooking but also have a chance to win amazing prizes, including power Oil and gift hampers 🛍️

Don’t miss this opportunity to bond with your fellow Dads, embrace your inner chef, and create lasting memories.

Plus, you’ll get to discover the versatility and flavor-enhancing abilities of Power Oil in your dishes! 🌟🔥

Join us at Ikeja city mall on Saturday 17th of June from 10am-4pm

So gather your cooking skills, grab your shopping carts, and let’s make this an unforgettable experience! 🙌😄

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