Registration is On For The Royal African Society Annual Film Festival by Film Africa.

Calling on all Aspiring Actors  and Actresses to Participate in The Royal African Society Yearly Film Festival.

Want to see your film on the big screen? 

Submissions for #FilmAfrica18 are open! 

Film Africa is the Royal African Society’s annual London festival, celebrating the best African and African diaspora cinema from across the continent. Now in its eighth year, the festival has become a key platform for African film in London and the UK.‎

1. Film Africa accepts films of all lengths and genres, including fiction, documentary, shorts and experimental.

2. Year of production must be 2016 or after – any films made before this will not be considered.

3. While our main objective is to represent a wide range of films and filmmakers stemming from Africa and the African diaspora, Film Africa also accept submissions from non-African filmmakers whose films relate to Africa.

4. English subtitles must be provided where necessary or your film will be deemed ineligible.

5. Applicants may enter as many eligible films as they wish. A separate entry form, upload and additional entry fee is required for each film submission.

6. Films submitted to previous editions of Film Africa will not be considered. If substantial changes have been made to the film since a previous submission, please contact to discuss your entry.

7. Film Africa does not have the capacity to apply refunds. Please ensure your film meets the eligibility criteria before submitting.

1. There is a submission fee to enter your film. Feature length submissions (over 40 minutes) are charged 20 USD. Short film submissions (under 40 minutes) are charged at 10 USD.
2. The submission fee may be waived for single entries if you would like to submit a student film or in certain mitigating circumstances. Please email to request a fee waiver, although we stress that this will only be available in extreme circumstances.
3. Discounts for multiple submissions must be sought before the films have been submitted. Multiple discounts cannot be applied retrospectively after the films have already been submitted. To arrange this discount please contact
5. Please note that copies submitted by post will not be returned.

1. Film Africa respects filmmakers’ copyright and will take all precautions to ensure that your film remains safe from piracy and will never publicly screen a film for which permission has not been granted.

2. Screening links for all submitted films will be made available to press in order to ensure maximum coverage for your film. Screening links will only be provided to legitimate press contacts known to Film Africa.

1. At the point of payment you will be asked if you have read and agreed with the festival’s regulations. By agreeing to proceed with your submission you are agreeing to these regulations and your application can then be processed. Entry of a film is binding and implies acceptance of these regulations.

2. In the event of disagreement concerning the interpretation of the regulations, the interpretation of the festival will take precedence.

3. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the submission being disqualified.
We look forward to receiving your submissions!

‎Head over to their FilmFreeway page for details on eligibility and how to submit: ‎ 

       Deadline for submission is 30 June , 2018.‎

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