DR. TUNDE OKEWALE (Medical Director)
St.Ives hospital, along with its benefactors and foundation geared towards assisting couples in need of In Vitro Fertilization, has announced plans to slash the price of  IVF to N400, 000 for couples in need of it in the month of October.
The Medical Director, Dr. Tunde Okewale, who made the announcement in Lagos recently, said the high price of IVF in the country was preventing couples who could have benefited from it.
He explained that IVF was becoming expensive in Nigeria because of the high cost of importing its consumables, equipment and staff training.
The fertility expert explained that couples who are interested in the promo needed to enroll with N400, 000 at the hospital in Ikeja, Lagos, between September 14th and 29th to benefit.
He called on government to put in place a programme that would help subsidise the cost of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for couples in need of fertility treatment as obtained in most developed countries of the world.
Okewale noted that Nigeria was ripe for IVF practice regulation, but advised that caution should be exercised not to import the British mode of regulation into the country so as not to stifle the practice as is being done over there.
He added that regulatory codes should take cognizance of Nigeria’s environment, cultural and religious practices especially as it concerns childbearing.
The promo is the third in the series of IVF promos offered by the hospital for the past two years.  Okewale said the hospital had recorded 30 per cent success rate in each promo, a 15 per cent higher success rate than what obtains in a one-month trial of natural conception.
He added that past IVF promos had always drawn couples across the federation, especially from the northern part of the country, to obtain infertility treatment at a cheaper rate. A single circle of IVF goes from N800, 000 upwards in Nigeria.
Over the last two years, St.Ives Foundation, together with some of its benefactors, decided that at a specific time of the year there would be price slash of IVF.”

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