#SUMECPOWERMOVES Monthly Competition

#SUMECPOWERMOVES Monthly Competition

We appreciate everyone, who has participated so far in the #SUMECPOWERMOVES Monthly Competition.

It’s the third week of the competition and we have recieved some amazing entries. If you are yet to participate, here’s your chance.

How To Participate:

You must be following us at SUMEC FIRMAN to paticipate.
Checkout our pinned post for questions to the SUMEC PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE QUIZ and attempt to answer them.
To answer, share the pinned post with your answers to the quiz as your caption for your shared post. Make sure you use the hashtag #SUMECPOWEMOVES in your shared post..
Tell your friends to like your shared post, FOLLOW the SUMEC FIRMAN page and take a screenshot that shows they are following us and comment done under your post to confirm that they have liked your post and followed. Also tell them to share your post to get more votes (likes and follows) for you.

Note : all requirements will be thoroughly checked before our winners will be chosen, so make sure you follow it properly.
You get to win amazing prizes from the SUMEC FIRMAN!!!!


The first prize is the SUMEC FIRMAN Inverter AC
The second prize is the SUMEC FIRMAN SPG1800 Pro Max generator.
The third price is the 5000 Watts Stabilizer

Then what are you waiting for?

Start sharing, answering and following now!

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  1. Prince

    I Thank The App For What They Are Doing to Nigeria I Will Be Glad If U Do It again This 2022 thank U happy New year

  2. Prince

    Thank u

  3. mumu

    how are you doing prince or did you won it .

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