Taskdirect’s digital product auction is designed to empower
every Nigerian to have access to the tools and technology that they need to
compete, thrive and win in today’s modern age. Every Tuesday starting on
Tuesday January 28th 2014, Taskdirect will be holding its Digital Tuesday
auction on its website www.taskdirect.com and all its offices and digital smart
shops nationwide. On this day affordable, genuine smart devices from HP,
Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, Zinox, Toshiba, Cisco, Microsoft, Nokia and many others
will be auctioned off at amazing prices to all Nigerians.
Auction Hours
Every Tuesday between 7am – 7pm
Log online every Tuesday starting 28th January, 2014 onto
our website www.taskdirect.com between the hours of 7am and 7pm. The auction
will strictly hold between those hours.

Taskdirect Smart Shops Locations Nationwide
Alternatively during 7am to 7pm visit any of our offices in
Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Kano or our digital smart shops in Victoria Island,
Gbagada, Uyo, Asaba and Enugu. More locations will open throughout the year.
Digital Reserve Price
Quantities up to 25,000 Units
A selection of smart devices directly from the global
leaders in technology will be available to order and purchase at a Digital
Tuesday only reserve price. Quantities up to 25,000 units will be available.
Taskdirect Equality
Maximum Quantity of 2 units per order
A maximum quantity of 2 devices per order will be available.
For quantities of more than 2 on that day please contact Taskdirect directly on
+234 812 985 1239 or auction@taskdirect.com . For equality, orders for more
than 2 units will not be at the reserved price but at the normal selling price.
Taskdirect Fast Shipping. 
24hrs Shipping For online orders the items will be shipped within 24 hours
and for orders taken at any of our digital smart shops they can be picked up
immediately while stock lasts. For orders placed at our offices in Abuja, Port
Harcourt and Kano, items will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment.
If orders are placed on Digital Tuesday between 7am and 7pm after we have run
out of stock we will honor all orders within 96 hours. If you missed the
opportunity to take advantage of Digital Tuesday always remember it will be
available every Tuesday.

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