Welcome to our second competition in quick succession – we are going gaga over tablets. So after giving out two Dell Venue 8 Pro’s on Tuesday we are now giving out a Lenovo A3000 Dual SIM Tablet plus a gorgeous cover. All you have to do is find the hidden treasure in our online store and as we promised this game is not just for Lagosians . 
• This competition is open to everyone who lives in Nigeria. We will only ship the product to the winning person who has a valid address in Nigeria.
• Like our Facebook page.
• This competition is NOT open to staff and family members of Zinox Group.
• Each clue of the treasure hunt is a riddle that refers to one of the many products that we sell in our online store.
• The first riddle/clue will be posted here on Facebook immediately after this post.

• From the riddle/clue if you can guess which product we are talking about then look for that product on our website at www.taskdirect.com and read the description of that product.
• If you have found the right product, in the description of that product there will be a very unique word that you will notice is out of place and came from the riddle/clue.
• Click on this word to take you to the next riddle/clue but note down which product page you found the link in.
• Again repeat the two three steps above to get to the next product page and its own hidden word that is a link to the next riddle/clue. Don’t forget to write down the product page.
• There are twelve riddles/clues you have to solve to find and hunt down the treasure! Make sure you write all twelve product pages you found in the right order you found them.
• Once you have found the twelfth hidden word and you click on it you will find yourself on the Treasure Hunt Winning Page. Make sure you have your list of the twelve product pages ready.
• On this page will be clear directions to let you know what is the final task you need to do to claim the prize.
• The first one to complete the task on the Winning page before midnight on Sunday 9th March gets the prize!
• We will announce the winner on Monday 10th March.
• If you have any questions or if you are stuck and want some help you can email us at treasurehunt@taskdirect.com .
• If we get enough requests for help on a particular riddle/clue we will post some help here on Facebook.

Competition Ends on 10th March, 2014

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