It’s Monday, The Challenge Arena day!!! Tune in to these stations to watch new episode of The Challenge Arena this evening!

Note: Entries are welcome. Shortlisted people will be contacted to confirm participation in our live studio game. To be part of the live studio show, Text [livegame] [name] [location) to 35815.



8 Challengers answer sports,entertainment and educational questions
4 Stages, correct and fastest answer with accumulation of points through the stages
10 questions are answered in Stage1, 8 Questions in stage 2, 7 Questions in stage 3 and 3 questions in stage 4
3 Challengers are evicted from stage 1 (Challengers with lowest points), win N20,000.00 each
5 Challengers proceed to stage 2.  Three (3) challengers with lowest points are evicted with N50,000 each
2 Challengers proceed to stage 3.
Semi finalist get N150,000.00
While Finalist get a guaranteed sum of N250,000.00; in addition then play for N1m, N2m, N3m, N5m, or N10m based on points accumulated from stages 1 to 4.
The finalist can also take a walk by taking a dip (taking a ball from pot.  whatever is written on the ball is added to the guaranteed sum of N250,000.00)
To enter the show to play live, a prospective Challenger sends sms to short code 35815 (each sms cost N100) e.g
                     livegame  name  location
No close of entries
Multiple entries are allowed

Every week a question is displayed on the screen during airing of the show for Home Challenger to answer.
20 Correct and Fastest answer win a sum of N20,000 each.
To play at home, send sms to short code 35815 (each sms costs N100) e.g.
                 homegame  answer  name  location
Entries closes by 12a.m Saturday of every week
Multiple entries allowed
Web Challengers visit our website
Buy a pin online to play by sending sms to short code 35815
Send sms as follows to buy a pin:     webgame
After getting the PIN, register online, enter the PIN to play
Challengers answer 10 questions within 90 seconds
Correct and fastest answers will score higher points
5 top leaders every week win N20,000 each
Entries closes by 12a.m. Saturday of every week
Multiple entries allowed by buying multiple PIN to play
Creation of multiple profile disqualify the challenger

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  1. Emmy

    hmm…great challenge….
    @Emmy'z World

  2. Gloria Nwachukwu

    Not interested abeg

  3. Osayande Pius. Eguakun

    Interesting bt am nt interested

  4. Anthonia

    Please you guys should stop deducting my money for one stupid game am not even aware upto this time. And if you guys want me to remove all your Airtel sim from my phone then don’t stop it. I don’t know how you activate something for me without my consent.

  5. Pla

    Pls stop deducting my money unnecessarily it is not funny at all.

  6. ...

    How do I unsubscribe from this piece of shit

  7. Temitope

    Stop deducting my airtime. I can sue you

  8. Anonymous

    I never subscribe for airtel challenge arena, why deducting my hard earn money for what i didnt subscribe for?. The code to opt out isnt working.

  9. Anonymous

    Stop desucting my money, not intrested. Code to opt out please.

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