Trophy Lager 40th Anniversary Giveaway. TEXT CODE TO 30810.

Honourable fans and honourable millionaire !!! ‎
Instant airtime and Cash prizes are up for grabs. 

How to Win
1. ‎Buy bottle of Trophy larger beer.
2. Check under the crown cork to see code.‎
3. ‎Text the “TROPHY” space ” ‎unique code” under the crown cork to 30810 to receive instant N100 airtime and increase your chances of winning a million Naira . . . #BeHonorable.
Prizes Include
Free instant airtimes!
N40, 000 weekly.
N1m weekly.

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  1. Unknown

    I won airtime! on dis 07083444959 till now they never credit me. is dis promo real?

    1. Anonymous

      It's real. I won 40k yesterday and I've gone to the depot to collect the ATM card to withdraw the money

      1. Unknown

        Are you removing charges on the service before the message got send??

      2. Unknown

        How much are they removing for charges on the service carrier???

    2. Highbee

      Pls how did you win?
      Chat me on Whatsapp 07035817118

      1. ABIMBOLA Vincent

        I have done it many times is not going

    3. Unknown

      It's real and am one of d beneficiary of 40000 naira which I collected at shoprite ring Road ibadan

  2. Anonymous

    same here waiting dey happy trophy beer

  3. Unknown

    It's real,I just got instant card

  4. Joseph

    It real,I just got an instant card now.

  5. Anonymous

    l have not been credited with the airtime I won as well but I believe that we all will get the airtime soonest

  6. Larry Smart Smart

    is real don't spoil our honorable i get my card also keep drink honorable

  7. Izu Uwechue

    still waiting for my

  8. Unknown

    Egunfemi Theophilus Dare. I just got my own credit of #100. Thanks you. Is real o

  9. Unknown

    Enter your comment…I just enter 5 tym and still no air tym on dis 0816118093*

  10. Unknown

    is it once cos u got 100 card yesterday I tried it today I didn't get anything

  11. Unknown

    It is very real because I have gotten 100 card twice today

  12. Anonymous

    Omo, I don drink and text more than one create of TROPHY CREW CORK NO airtime till now

  13. Unknown

    Wow this is the first time I win and received it.

  14. Unknown

    I won 100naira its real but I play everyday nothing again

  15. Anonymous

    I have enter draw many times no card no win on 08036961029

  16. Unknown

    I play and text five cork everyday till they tell me to keep the remaining cork to use and play for tomorrow that I can only text five cork for a day and till now I have not won the one million. Please I hope is real because is not easy at all, 08038736078.

  17. Unknown

    Which month the promo will close

  18. Unknown

    Enter your comment…I Have Been Loading The Corks Since And I Haven't Got The 1m Why ?

  19. Unknown

    I have been given another airtime. Thanks you is real

  20. darella

    I got my credit, its real but u guys dropping ur phone no. You are opening opportunity for scam

    1. Highbee

      Chat me on Whatsapp and put me through please 07035817118

  21. Unknown

    Fake promo,it's not accepting the codes

  22. Anonymous

    Why is the airtime only for the first trial and nothing more since then?

  23. Highbee

    Please how did you win ?

    Please chat me on Whatsapp 07035817118


    Trophy promo is more than real. i won airtime and also qualified for their big money.

    1. Highbee

      Pls how did you ?
      Chat me on WhatsApp 07035817118

      1. Anonymous

        Omo nofin legit for 9ja again..I done do just pause 1st for today..cause e no dey even go..
        2moro I go do another 5cork and on on for 1week..Make I see if na for real..cause I know excuse must dey with there system/network issue…

    2. Highbee

      Please can you put me through? Chat me on WhatsApp 07035817118

  25. Adekunle

    I need more code to enter for today's draw. Just won airtime now

  26. Unknown

    I just believe that it takes being real to be an honourable beer brand.

  27. Unknown

    Pls how did u guys received ur notifications

  28. Anonymous

    I play and text five cork till they tell me to keep the remaining cork to use and play for tomorrow that I can only text five cork for a day and till now I have not won the one million. Please I hope is real because is not easy at all,

  29. Anonymous


  30. Unknown

    Hope this isn't real and can we use the card to sub

  31. Unknown

    I didn't receive any card on my line of which I got a message saying I have been rewarded with N100. Why?

  32. Unknown

    I have been loading more than 50 code but nothing yet.

  33. Unknown

    Am still texting the codes till now I have text not less than 200 corks and I have not won the one million naira I hope is not a fake promo because till now I have not seen anybody that win the one million naira, anything can happen in this Nigeria May be the promo is fake.. so until I win the one million naira then I will believe that the promo is not fake. 08038736078

  34. Unknown

    it is not good for loading code on my side because i loaded three cork no airtime yet.Why can we believe at all that is working or real

  35. Unknown

    I send code everyday since 3month now nd is only once i was given card but na wen he go finish self pls i need help

  36. Unknown

    When is this promotion going to end?

  37. Unknown

    This is more than reality, they gave me airtime two times. Keep on drinking!

  38. Unknown

    I keep sending d code its always display wrong code every time I tried it

  39. Unknown

    Still waiting for one million naira winners

  40. Unknown

    When is the final draw since the promo has ended?

  41. Unknown

    Nigeria promo is now 419 you use #40 send then give you #60 you load another cork they will park all left and then that one promo my brothers and sister wise up this company's don't join corruption group they will only use us to enrich their pocket.they gave me #200 and rub me of pls wise up

  42. Thomas

    Trophy is fuck there are 419 i dial the fucking promo code then were just sending me have? being credit with 100naira i check my account balance i did not see not’n so then are 419 fuck trophy.

  43. john james

    Real I win N2000 airtime a day

  44. Apotieri

    Why don’t you do it last year

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