VITAFOAM #VitaLoveChallenge

What would we do without friends? 

Ready to celebrate the special people in your life this Valentine’s Day? 

Here’s what you should do:
1. Put up a post telling us about your friend or lover and how they remind you of a particular Vitafoam product, using the hashtags #VitaLoveChallenge #VitaValentine #Vitafoamng
2. We will select 53 entries based on the aptness of the description and creativity.
3. Our top 5 entries out of the 53 will be reposted on our Instagram page and you can invite your friends to like your entry.
4. The 3 entries with the highest likes will win our amazing gifts, while the remaining 50 participants will also get to win a Vitafoam Dove Pillow.

Click to find the Vitafoam product that suits your friend.

EXAMPLE: Tunde reminds us of the Vita Orthopaedic bed because he’s so tall and strong
#vitafoamng #VitaLoveChallenge #VitaValentine.

1.  Winner – Planet Bed and Spring Flex(M1)
2.  1st Runner Up –  Vitasolid
3.  2nd Runner Up – Music Pillow
4. Pillows for 50 other Participants.

T & C’s apply.

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