WAW Jingle Challenge Ending soon???

WAW Jingle Challenge Ending soon???

Roses are red, violets are blue and here is the cue
There is a brand called WAW, which made the competition bow.
Jingles are best, tell us how.

Have you joined the WAW Jingles’ contest?


Follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Make an original jingle yourself;
do visit https://bit.ly/2u9FOEC to get inspired by our WAW jingles.
2. Either sing as a song, write lyrics or a poem for WAW Detergent, and upload as audio, video or image on your social media page.
3. Use the hashtag #MyWAWJingle;

Your time starts now; ensure you do it, on or before January 31st

The 5 most interesting jingles will be selected and will win amazing prizes.


Smartphones, laptops, printers and 100’s of movie tickets (which can only be redeemed at Silverbird Cinemas in Lagos and Abuja!)

#WAWDetergent #WAWNigeria #ReadyToWAW #JoyfulJanuary

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