Earn up to $100 in Amazon.com gift cards by inviting your friends to send money at westernunion.com for the first time. 
1. REFER YOU FRIEND: Invite your family or friends to try western union for the first time.
2. YOUR FRIENDS SEND MONEY: Your friends send a qualifying online money transfer of $50 or more for the first time using the link you provide and fee free promo code we send them.*
3. YOU BOTH GET REWARDED: You’ll get a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card for each new successful referral, up to five.
Find out more and spread the word!http://on.wu.com/oNCm4m

Western Union Refer-A-Friend Program FAQs

What’s the Refer-a-Friend program?

This is a new program we’re excited to offer our customers at westernunion.com. We’re providing the chance to give your friends and family a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card when they send money through Western Union for the first time. Customers also will receive a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card (up to a total of five) for every friend who’s verified as a new customer and sends $50 or more.

How can I participate?
You can register for the program and send invitations to your family and friends. You also can invite friends using email, Facebook, and Twitter.

What am I asking my friends and family to do?
You’re asking your friends who haven’t yet sent money through westernunion.com to sign up at westernunion.com and send $50 or more with the promo code we provide. After they do and we confirm they’re new, a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card will be emailed to them as a gift from you.

How do I earn an Amazon.com Gift Card?
You earn an Amazon.com Gift Card when one of your referred friends sends $50 or more using the promo code you sent them. They also need to be a first-time online WU customer. We’ll do this for up to five new referrals you send.

When will I get my Amazon.com Gift Card?
You’ll get your gift card within two to four weeks after we confirm that one of your friends sent $50 or more for the first time using westernunion.com and the promo code we provided.

Who sends me the Amazon.com Gift Card?
Your Amazon.com Gift Card will be sent by Western Union through SocialTwist to the email address you provided when you signed up for the program.

How does my friend get an Amazon.com Gift Card?
Your friend will receive an email from you or will see your Facebook/Twitter post that lets them know they can get a $20 Amazon.com Gift Card for their first online money transfer of $50 or more through westernunion.com. If they’re interested, we’ll send them the promo code to use to send money. After we verify they’re a new online customer and they’ve sent a valid transaction, your friend will receive their Amazon.com Gift Card within two to four weeks.

If my friend doesn’t use the promo code when they send money, will we still get the Amazon.com Gift Card?
The promo code is a unique identifier that helps us confirm your friend sent money because of your referral. Using the promo code is mandatory to be eligible for the reward.

How many friends can I refer?
You can refer as many friends as you’d like. For each friend who sends $50 or more for the first time on westernunion.com using the promo code we provide, you’ll get a $20 Amazon.com gift card (up to a maximum of five.)

Can I refer myself or a family member?
You can’t refer yourself or a family member who resides at your address. You can, however, refer family members who don’t live with you.

How many times can my friend get an Amazon.com Gift Card?
Your friend can get an Amazon.com Gift Card once after they send $50 or more using the promo code we provide.

How many rewards can I earn per friend I refer?
You’re eligible for one reward per friend. You can earn a maximum of five rewards.

How long does my friend have to redeem their promo code?
Your friend has 90 days to redeem their promo code.

My friend signed up and sent money, but I haven’t received my Amazon.com Gift Card. What should I do?
If your friend’s a new online customer and sent a qualifying transfer of $50 or more using the promo code we provided, you should receive a gift card. If it has been longer than four weeks, contact support.

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