Win a Business Grant in Unity Bank Corpreneurship Challenge.

Win a Business Grant in Unity Bank Corpreneurship Challenge.

This Challenge is Strictly for Corpers!!!

The Corpreneurship Challenge is an Entrepreneurship Development Initiative of Unity Bank Plc. Derived from the Words ‘Corper’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’. The project aims to develop savings culture, creativity, business acumen, and entrepreneurship capabilities of Youth Corp members during their One year service to Nigeria.

The CORPRENEURSHIP initiative is divided into two. The GRANT and Corp Members Savings Reward.


Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit a comprehensive business plan complete with financials, implementation schedule and delivery timeline to their various state SAED offices (Lagos, Ogun, Abuja, and Edo state). Shortlisted participants will then be invited to pitch their idea before a panel of judges.

12 CORPRENEURS will be rewarded per quarter with business grants and a total of 36 CORPRENEURS for one year.

To participate corp members are advised to:

  1. Open a Unifi Savings account and register for participation in camp
  2. Attend capacity building exercise including but not limited to training in Human Capital Management, Finance, Sales at the State SAED office.
  3. Generate and submit a business plan one-month post-NYSC. The following fields should be written boldly at the top right corner of the document (Participants Name, Unifi Account Number, Email address & Phone Number)
  4. Pitch your idea before a panel of judges in locations determined by Unity Bank/SAED
  5. Win Grant

Corp Members Quarterly Savings Reward

Savings Reward is complementary to the Corpreneurship Challenge and equally runs for one year, it is a solution that would inculcate saving culture in corp members.

Savings reward dynamics:

Interested Corp members are advised to open a Unifi Savings account in Camp.

Set up a standing instruction to allow for a minimum monthly savings of N3, 000 to a sub-account and watch your money grow!

Qualifying corp members will be rewarded with salary for one year,

40 winners will emerge per batch

A total of 120 winners will be rewarded for the duration of the program

Don’t miss out on this exciting experience.

Click Here to Download the Unifi App.

Note any business plan should be submitted on or before 23rd December 2019.

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