Win a Smartphone in Wikipedia@20Nigeria Giveaway.

Win a Smartphone in Wikipedia@20Nigeria Giveaway.



Step 1: Make a one-minute video telling us what you love about Wikipedia and how well it has impacted you or you can even narrate to us about that one time Wikipedia saved the day!

Step 2: Follow @wikipediaat20Nigeria on Instagram.

Step 3: Post your videos using the hashtag #Wikipediaat20Nigeria, and also tag @wikipediaat20Nigeria on the video.

Step 4: When your post gets re-shared, invite your friends to follow us and also like your video(s) on our page.

For the next four weeks, Android smartphones will be given out to the posts with the highest likes, at the end of each week.

This contest runs from 27th December 2020 through to 21st of January 2021.

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  1. Samyyopy

    Thanks keep up the good work!

  2. Abiona fawaz

    I love wikipeadia

  3. Olowoake Abdullahi

    I love Wikipedia for it is the best search engine that help me in my research quite a lot of things that I don’t find on Other search engine or browser I have found on Wikipedia Wikipedia really help my studies as a student and researcher there was a time I was doing research on Hausa precolonial system. Of Government not until I use Wikipedia I was able to get satisfied with full details of historical background and origin and features of the system

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