Dear esteemed Fans & Friends, we are pleased to announce our October “Top Fan of the Month (TFM)” contest as follows;

As we are half-way to the D-day, that is rewarding the top C&K fan of the month (TFM) with a brand new iphone, we will be asking some questions regarding C&K jewelers here on our Facebook timeline from now till 31st of October.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd C&K fan to type the correct answer to each question under this VERY post will be rewarded with 20, 10 and 5 bonus “Adj” points which will be added to their leaderboard points

Answers to all the questions are in our website, so you are highly encouraged to visit.
Free Brand new iphone will given to the No. 1 TFM while our Cutty & Kay (C&K) American gold jewelry of choice will be given to the next 4 TFMs runners-up at the end of October. 

Tips & Guidelines for the TFM contest:

(i) Like our page. share, comment, like all posts, updates, pictures, videos, banners, etc ONLY posted by “Cutty & Kay Jewelers” here. Invite your friends, etc. 

(ii) Posting of any topic unrelated to C&K will be treated as SPAM and the poster will be banned from the page.

(iii) Higher quality activity (on topic and engages with the community, shares) will earn extra points, while Lower quality activity (off topic, multiple and consecutive posts and spam) will earn no points.

(iv) It is the responsibility of the Fan to cover for the logistics (if any) involved in getting his/her TFM reward from C&K .

(v) To check your rank on our Fans leaderboard table, click on
We will be posting the leaderboard table from time to time for those who may not be able to access it from the devices.

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