Win Prizes in MTN Digital Content Conference.

Are you a content curator? Do you have rich local content such as short exclusive Movies, Series, Animations, Inspirational talk, Religious talk series etc? 
Here is an opportunity for you to have your content published on MTN Shortz, content can be in English, Pidgin, or local dialect in a local Nigerian setting with a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes production/scenes. 
The MTN Digital Content Conference is an opportunity for the selected content curators (Amateur and professionals) to meet with the content providers, network, interact and milk opportunities available for them in the new digital eco system. 
There will also be a seminar and mentorship session for the content curators chosen to sign up with well known content providers as well as meet with well known content creator whose content/works are making waves in the digital space.

Awards & Prizes
Top 80 contents creators would be selected for a DCC workshop/seminar
Top 3 will selected for the prizes which include:
Gift Vouchers 
Tripod stand 
Lighting Equipment 
Rules & Terms
For call for entry, please find below the terms and condition for content(s) selection for the DCC/MTN Shortz award;
• Video content must have a title. 
• Video content format must be mp4
Kindly note that CONTENT SELECTIONAPPROVAL must be subject to the following;
• Using songs that the producer doesn’t have and/or has not obtained copyright for as soundtracks for the comedy video. 
• Posting websites/Social media account information where the video can be downloaded or streamed. 
• Sections of the video where there is a conspicuous advertisement of a product and service. 
• Contents that are free on other platforms cannot be monetized on MTN Shortz 
• Extreme violence, Bloodshed, Brutality such as beheading. 
• Language should be English or Nigerian Local Language. Non English contents are acceptable but must have English Subtitles. 
• There should be no direct affiliation or representation of a political party or persona.
• No religious attire with Ammunition. 
• No hint of violence or battle against a religion. 
• Intersexual or Homosexual intercourse scenes are prohibited. 
• Bare Buttocks is prohibited, but little babies are allowed. 
• Topless male and girls in Bikini can be accepted. 
• Cutouts from other videos without authorization from the content owner is prohibited. 
• Please note that content that are free on other platforms is not acceptable. 
• It must be salable. 
• It must be newsworthy. 
• It must be motivating. 
• Overall inspirational impact. 
• It must have social impact. 
• Inspirational to others. 
• Must have a wow!!! Factor. 
• It must be memorable.
NOTE: Call for submission of local content categories
Short films: minimum 5 mins and maximum of 10 mins
• Short series: minimum of 5 episodes (minimum of 5 mins and maximum of 10 mins)
• Lifestyle show: must have a theme 
• Animation: must be in English, Pidgin or local dialect and in Nigerian setting
Religious Content(s): must be in line with the generic code of conduct of the religion in particular e.g Christianity and Islam, must be in English, Pidgin or local dialect and in Nigerian setting.

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  1. Oscar Apuge

    That's a nice opportunity for one to showcase talents and have the privilege to be empowered. Nice.

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