Guinness Promo: Millions of Cash to be Won. TEXT CODE TO 1759

Guinness is giving extraordinary fans the chance to meet Rio Ferdinand and win Millions of weekly instant prizes! 
1. Buy any promotional bottle of Guinness stout.
2. Check under the Crown Cork to see promo CODE
3. TEXT Code To 1759.
1. Millions of Cash Prizes
2. A chance to Celebrate with Rio Ferdinand‎ at a Live Game.
#FansMadeOfMore #MadeOfMore #RioTakesNaija
Promo Runs From 9th November to 31st January, 2019.

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  1. Ubong Ukpong

    Hello, i've tried sending it from my glo line but it kept saying message not sent. I want to know if it's applicable to all networks or only one network.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello, i have tried to send the code on countless time with my glo sim card but it kept saying message not sent. So i want to know if it's applicable to one network or to all.

    1. Deji

      Make sure you have at least N10 in your account and retry. Then you will see a pop up message, reply with 1.

      1. abubakar mamuda

        Hi pls how I register this

  3. Unknown

    I just sent the code and am happy to get free 100 card. Na Guiness I sabi!

    1. Ayo

      I sent the code and I was told that I won 100 airtime but I didnt see it this is the second time

  4. Unknown

    Their wayo no be here oo,if you send three code on a daily basis they will only give you 50 or 100 card thru vtu odas na draws. Wen r we winning d millions? Plz Guinness shld add more effort,afterall una get d cash. If I use 10naira to sms at least have gain.,wetin come be 50.abeg make una upgrade. Thank u

  5. Anonymous

    What is the essence of the airtime?
    N10 was deducted and N50 was given.
    I guess Trophy 🏆 Lager is preferable.

    1. Damoshe


  6. Unknown

    Just sent mine, hope something good come out of this.

  7. Anonymous

    Pls is there any careline for this ongoing Guinness promo?

  8. Unknown

    Please how can the cash award be redeemed?

  9. Unknown

    When I sent the code.. My window phone stopped browsing since then… The message I got was all DND was removed…. Can anyone tell me what happened

    1. Unknown

      Consult your doctor if symptoms persist after 3days.

  10. Unknown

    Pls when will the cash price be redeemed?

  11. Na-me!

    Guinness promo!!!! Is the weekly draw for real? If yes how do we check if we have won or not? Or its just another MMM

    1. Anonymous

      Guinness is never a scam, two yes ago I was among the lucky winner of 100k

      1. Ayomide

        The Guinness bonus airtime balance code.

  12. emeka nwabuzor

    I sent my code to the number above reply came on and said I won airtime I have waited for the airtime I didn't see please how can I claim my airtime ?

    1. Unknown

      The same applicable to me. My #10 was deducted wit a message that I won an airtime and no airtime credited to my account….this na scam o guinness

  13. Unknown

    I received a notification that I won a cash with Guinness … Saying that I will receive my paycode shortly… Until this very minute no paycode

  14. lord_raph

    If you have any issue with Guinness promo just call me on 08175764904 and i will help u out

    1. Anonymous

      Is the promo still going on?

  15. Unknown

    Hahahaha fraud of the highest level,,, text 3 code in a day 10naira each ie 30 naira and receive 50naira vtu card…hahahaha Guinness the fraudulent promo

  16. Unknown

    Hello, pls how and where can I redeem my cash that I won

  17. Danerell Dikibujiri

    How can someone know how much to cash out wen you have been sent the paycode and your winning number. You guys should help oooh cos i have my winning number and my paycode. And and we number to reach to make our complains

  18. Danerell Dikibujiri

    You guys should drop for us a contact to reach, so we can seek for help in any were we are having problems


    I just got a text that I won cash reward.the amount was not stated, No bank was stated in the text, I have the pin they sent to me. But there is no proper guidelines on how to access the fund. We need a customer care number for proper guidance pls

    1. Mendy

      Google how to redeem paycode by verve, its very easy

  20. Mendy

    Google how to redeem paycode by Verve

  21. Unknown

    I have sent many yet won only #50 airtime I never see any money

  22. Mark

    From experience we discovered that more that half of participants that have won cash reward are yet to redeem their reward.
    So for help on how to redemption call any of our lines 08189847531 08052849574

  23. Mark

    For cash redemption on verve/ promo call any of this lines 08189847531 or 08052849574

  24. Mark

    Call 08189847531 or 08052849574 for cash redemption or help

  25. Abraham Duls

    I sent the code and received #50 airtime and then enter the #1million

  26. Anonymous

    Enter your comment…they sent me message that I win cash since last week but I don't know how to redeem it

  27. geepee

    I sent the code and I got invalid code sent. What could be the problem?

  28. Unknown

    Am only getting 100 airtime after sending much code

  29. Unknown

    is the promo still on?

  30. EMMA

    When will winners start to emerge in the draws?

  31. EMMA

    Is the promo still goin on? The info was that the promo will end on the 31st of january 2019, but till date, 8/2/2019 they still reply the texts when sent.

  32. Anonymous

    Your Comment Here…pls where will i sell the airtime that i was given

  33. Afeez Adeleke

    How are we going to load the airtime

  34. Thomas Ogwuche

    Thanks For The Promo

  35. Emmanuel

    Why can’t I win, I have been sending countless code but no win and they said I won but not credited. Why?

  36. Robinson Ishmael

    Am Ishmael Robinson Nnamdi no. 08063548507 I have won #100 airtime about ten(10) but am yet to receive any



  38. Anonymous

    Is the promo still on

  39. Anonymous

    Your comment here… thanks

  40. hasis

    I won many but the only congratulated me and am not seeing anything

  41. shimi

    i win in Guinness smooth but up to now i don’t see the message of recharge card why ?

  42. Anonymous


  43. Najeeb


  44. UMAR

    i goted #400.00 guiness smooth promo. THANK U GUINESS PRO

  45. Mubarak

    Your comment here… thank goodness for free airtime for ever day

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