Guinness Promo: Millions of Cash to be Won. TEXT CODE TO 1759

Guinness is giving extraordinary fans the chance to meet Rio Ferdinand and win Millions of weekly instant prizes! 
1. Buy any promotional bottle of Guinness stout.
2. Check under the Crown Cork to see promo CODE
3. TEXT Code To 1759.
1. Millions of Cash Prizes
2. A chance to Celebrate with Rio Ferdinand‎ at a Live Game.
#FansMadeOfMore #MadeOfMore #RioTakesNaija
Promo Runs From 9th November to 31st January, 2019.

38 thoughts on “Guinness Promo: Millions of Cash to be Won. TEXT CODE TO 1759

  1. Hello, i have tried to send the code on countless time with my glo sim card but it kept saying message not sent. So i want to know if it's applicable to one network or to all.

  2. Their wayo no be here oo,if you send three code on a daily basis they will only give you 50 or 100 card thru vtu odas na draws. Wen r we winning d millions? Plz Guinness shld add more effort,afterall una get d cash. If I use 10naira to sms at least have gain.,wetin come be 50.abeg make una upgrade. Thank u

    1. The same applicable to me. My #10 was deducted wit a message that I won an airtime and no airtime credited to my account….this na scam o guinness

  3. I received a notification that I won a cash with Guinness … Saying that I will receive my paycode shortly… Until this very minute no paycode

  4. How can someone know how much to cash out wen you have been sent the paycode and your winning number. You guys should help oooh cos i have my winning number and my paycode. And and we number to reach to make our complains

  5. You guys should drop for us a contact to reach, so we can seek for help in any were we are having problems

  6. I just got a text that I won cash reward.the amount was not stated, No bank was stated in the text, I have the pin they sent to me. But there is no proper guidelines on how to access the fund. We need a customer care number for proper guidance pls

  7. From experience we discovered that more that half of participants that have won cash reward are yet to redeem their reward.
    So for help on how to redemption call any of our lines 08189847531 08052849574

  8. Is the promo still goin on? The info was that the promo will end on the 31st of january 2019, but till date, 8/2/2019 they still reply the texts when sent.

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